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 game Werewolf Legend hack

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game Werewolf Legend hack

 game Werewolf Legend hack

Cara men-download Werewolf Legend MOD  ke ponsel Anda?
Banyak pertanyaan yang Anda suka, adalah bagaimana: Werewolf Legend MOD apk penuh:
Pada artikel ini, kami senang untuk mengirimkan kepada Anda dengan cara yang agak sederhana dan membuat orang untuk menggunakan lebih
Anda hanya perlu menginstal aplikasi di bagian: "Download" aplikasi yang aplikasi lain tetapi menambahkan 1 untuk dapat melakukan layanan Werewolf Legend

Info game Werewolf Legend MOD

Terjemahkan deskripsi ke Indonesia menggunakan Google Terjemahan? Terjemahkan
200 years after Yu controlled the flood, the stele in the palace was destroyed! The monster broke through the seal, and the demon came to be the king and started to destroy the society~~~
The imperial board of Astronomy observed the stars and found that Dubhe moved, so did Alkaid, and Seven kill was shining while Cynosure is dim!!!
Three meteors fell in the east. Seven kill appeared in the world and would kill monsters to save human beings. This is called Sha Po Lang!!! "
The world will be taken once the 3 stars get together and there’s no chance to turn any more!
With the help of Seven kill and Alkaid, A boy with Dubhe his fortune, stepped in the complicated world and started his journey.

Guide Info game Werewolf Legend MOD
 Werewolf Legend- tangkapan layar

Dubhe- swordsman- good at attacking Just switch characters to pass level quicker and enjoy the extreme fun of fighting! You can also enjoy the special levels which will bring you countless coins, items and tips!
In Werewolf Legend, stop freely means death. You can only fight without end. The only way to survive is to kill!!!
Just experience the creative multi-character switching system with its featured characters, amazing special effect, awesome epic soldiers and abundant dungeons!

Cara play game Werewolf Legend MOD

Seven kill- archer- very flexible
Alkaid- Hercules- great defender
Control mode:
Lower left button is for walking
Lower right for fighting

Cara download game Werewolf Legend MODwerewolf-legend-hack-coinsAnda hanya men-download aplikasi di google play mengatur bahwa kami memiliki hingga mengaktifkan layanan hack menyertainya. Baik file APK, jika laporan kasus ponsel tidak aman atau aplikasi yang tidak diketahui asalnya, perkenankan instalasi

Setelah terinstal, Anda hanya membuka aplikasi dan men-download Werewolf Legend MOD

Mod game  Werewolf Legend Android  (item - Coins)  Werewolf Legend- tangkapan layar

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